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Travel – unlike life – is all about the destination

Here’s a serious question: what is it about air travel that makes people forget all of the normal rules of personal space?

After 9 hours of sitting next to a random stranger (let’s call him “Fred”) who pretty quickly decided that my shoulder was an appropriate pillow, it’s safe to say I was fairly excited when our plane touched ground in Hong Kong. Although it was sad to say goodbye to Fred (we’d formed a special bond between his seemingly constant need to touch me and the several hard elbow shots I landed on his ribs) that immediate sense of adventure that strikes as you exit customs and take your first steps into a new country overwhelms all other thoughts – including that semi-formed plan to test whether Fred would fit inside a garbage bin.


It had been a very long day. After arriving at the airport at around 8:30am, we proceeded through immigration (sidestepping the man being questioned on the necessity to travel with 20 bottles of tea tree oil in carry-on) and fended off our zombie-group dynamic with a round of coffees. As our flight was booked to capacity, the group was scattered right across the plane, providing an opportunity for Dom to exploit being the world’s tallest man to secure an exit row seat while the rest of us slummed it with Fred.


Fortunately, travel is all about where you’re going rather than how you get there, and what we rapidly discovered is that Hong Kong is a really cool, visually impressive place. From marvelling at the scope and efficiency of the public transport network, our great accommodation at Hotel Jen, the mesmerizing city skyline or even the ability to buy a beer at 7eleven for less than $2 Australian, everyone can really sense that this is going to be a special couple of weeks.


After checking in and settling into our rooms, the oldies (read: Gayle and Ingrid) called it a night while the rest of us headed out to explore the local area and celebrate the start of the 2015 QUT School of Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations Study Tour.



DSC_4816Two weeks in an awesome city with an awesome bunch of people – bring it on I say! Just please, dear God, DO NOT let me run into Fred.

Random musings:

  • The group consensus was that “Focus” (starring Will Smith and Margot Robbie) was an adequate plane film – fairly entertaining albeit it flawed and somewhat predictable
  • When a waiter who doesn’t speak great English serves you a miscellaneous alcoholic substance and vaguely references setting it on fire, probably don’t drink it
  • Hong Kong pop songs have fantastic video clips
  • Qantas in-flight hot dogs are simultaneously weird and delicious

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