Policy and Media Engagement

The intensified engagement with various government department and agencies that we reported about in the last Newsletter has continued. This has included three visits to Canberra and two delegations visiting ACE from Canberra. This engagement concerns a variety of issues like Innovation and Science Australia’s audit of the innovation eco-system; the planned “Entrepreneur Visa” (like the former a part of the National Innovation and Science Agenda); continued research on “nascent entrepreneurship” in Australia through the GEM and CAUSEE research programs; and the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science’s collaboration with the Australian Bureau of Statistics to develop a longitudinal data set (EABLD) to track business dynamics over time.

The media attention has also continued. On February 5, Per Davidsson gave a radio interview for 612 ABC Brisbane in connection with the public launch of the CAUSEE data set (and cited The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy In one of the answers!). On April 13 he was back on the air, now for 666 ABC Canberra on the above-mentioned topic of the entrepreneur visa. Deputy Director Paul Steffens has also hit the media with insights from the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) project featured in an article in The Australian concerning women’s entrepreneurship.

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Towards Research Impact – Policy and Media Engagement

ACE is increasingly called upon as a source of information by policy-makers. We recently delivered data from the CAUSEE and GEM projects to the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet. This means that ACE has now delivered customized analyses from these two flagship projects to three federal departments (including also the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, and the Small Business Minister [in Treasury]) as well as to the Productivity Commission.
Paul Steffens has recently returned from Istanbul where he was a member of the Australian delegation for the G20YEA (Youth Entrepreneurship Alliance). This was highly successful with the communique to G20 leaders, backed by the B20, recommending that G20 countries provide stronger initiatives to support entrepreneurship education and entrepreneurship research (see details below).
Interest in the GEM project has been particularly strong in Canberra over recent months. In September Paul Steffens was invited to present at a workshop organized by the Office of the Chief Economist, and has been invited to deliver another seminar to the Department of Employment next month. He has also written a feature article for the upcoming Innovation Systems report produced by the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science. Interest has also spread internationally – with Paul presenting GEM findings to a group of Sri Lankan Government officials this month.
A recent vignette also based on GEM data, Australian Youth Entrepreneurship and Education, has also attracted substantial media attention including The Australian and The Courier Mail. The associated press release was jointly promoted in an alliance with the FYA (Foundation for Youth Australia) and their $ 20 boss program.
G20 Turkey

G20YEA – Youth entrepreneurship to tackle unemployment

I recently attended the G20YEA (Youth Entrepreneurship Alliance) Summit in Sydney http://www.g20yea.com/en/summit/  It was an exciting, high energy event attended by over 400 delegates from around the globe representing the G20 countries.

It became clear that youth entrepreneurship is very much on the agenda of many governments around the globe, including Australia. With youth unemployment spiralling out of control, and traditional employment growth stagnated, entrepreneurship is seen as a key ingredient for addressing the problem. Critically, across the G20 70% of job growth is coming from the SME sector, particularly young SMEs.

Helen Clark, now Administrator of the UN Development Program, presented a passionate speech emphasizing the size of the problem on a global scale. Senator Ryan confirmed Australia’s commitment to this agenda.

I was invited to participate in a panel session on culture, equality and youth entrepreneurship. I presented some data from our GEM (Global Entrepreneurship Monitor) study that was well received.

The event concluded with a signed communique to the G20 Leaders Summit:

The young entrepreneurs of the world gathered at the Sydney G20 YEA Summit support the Australian G20 priorities on private sector led growth and greater resilience of the world economy. We call on the G20 Leaders, Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors to focus on entrepreneurship and agree to implement policies, legislation and incentives for ecosystems that support start-ups and sustainable high growth entrepreneurial SMEs, young entrepreneurs and enhance private sector led growth.”

The communique went on to outline key priorities across 9 pillars of the entrepreneurship ecosystem. Action plans for each national team.

Congratulations to Jeremy Liddle and Aaron McNeilly for organizing such an outstanding event.

GEM – Call for Nominations of Experts

ACE is soon conducting the Australian leg of the GEM (Global Entrepreneurship Monitor) study. As part of this project, we conduct a National Expert Survey (through April and May). This survey reports on the national framework conditions for entrepreneurship in Australia.

We are conducting a short (5 minute) survey of several expert respondent in each category below. Each expert is required to have a sound knowledge of the Australian conditions (or at least one State or Territory) in at least one of the following areas:

  • Entrepreneurial financing,
  • governmental policies,
  • governmental programs,
  • entrepreneurial education and training,
  • R&D transfer,
  • commercial and professional infrastructure,
  • internal market openness,
  • physical and services infrastructure,
  • social and cultural norms.

If you would like to nominate (or self-nominate) an Australian expert in any of the areas, please complete the online form.

Thanks, Paul

Associate Professor Paul Steffens
Deputy Director, ACE