Per Davidsson Grows Entrepreneurship Scholars

The Academy of Management Entrepreneurship Division’s slogan is ‘we grow entrepreneurship scholars’.  Each year the division honours a senior scholar for their efforts in doing just that.  This mentor award recognises excellence in the field of entrepreneurship by way of mentoring junior colleagues and doctoral students. The winner of this year’s mentor award is the ACE’s [Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship Research] own Prof Per Davidsson. The nomination made the case as follows:

“Per Davidsson is a natural scholar; he is curious and aims to make a lasting contribution to our knowledge of the entrepreneurship phenomenon. The field needs people like Per. However, more importantly to his students, collaborators, and the field more generally, he is generous by nature. So while his academic contributions may be many, we all get the sense that Per understands that encouraging new scholars and even quite senior colleagues to share his authentic desire to understand the field will undoubtedly be his most significant legacy. We think this is something that should be commended, and acknowledged through an award fitting the sprit Per Davidsson brings to entrepreneurship scholarship.”

The selection process, as well as reviewing the nominees record of mentoring, included letters of support from Per’s mentees and those who’ve worked closely with him over the years.   The letters share each writer’s personal experience of Per, the influence he had, and include among their number them a note from a prior a winner of this very same award. Almost 50 such letters of support were received from mentees and colleagues around the world. A clear measure of the esteem by which Per’s is held in our community.  We here at ACE know only too well the amount of work Per has put in to developing the centre to be a vibrant community of entrepreneurship scholars. We also know this award means a lot to Per – so please share in congratulating him.

Mike Wright, Per Davidsson and David Audretsch

Mike Wright, Per Davidsson and David Audretsch


Many thanks to Dr Scott Gordon for contributing this story.

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